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The CW+ Arts for All programme models person-centred care, as recommended by the NHS Long Term Plan, which states the importance of immersive arts opportunities for the health and wellbeing of all patient groups. During this time, we still want to continue to support our hospital community through Arts and Health interventions. To achieve this, we created Arts for All | Virtual Connections, an online version of the Arts for All programme, allowing our artists to continue to digitally engage with patients, family, friends and staff from hospital bedside and back home in the community.

We have commissioned video content from our artists and partners. This content is hosted on the CW+ website, accessible by patients from their phones; by volunteers using tablets with patients; and also the general public who visit our website.

CW+ have also partnered with Hospedia, which allows us to utilise the patient bedside screens to also host our virtual programme.

This new programme is accessible to all here: https://www.cwplus.org.uk/our-work/art-and-design/arts-for-all/virtual-connections/

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