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CW+ are pleased to release two films produced in collaboration with the Royal College of Art (RCA).

This project was a commission by CW+ for RCA graduates to submit a film which would be included within the Relax Digital Programme, and displayed in various areas within the hospital.

Eda Sarman (click for film)

Favourite Colour was created by patients for patients. Having the opportunity to work with long-term patients, Eda introduced patients to marbling for its meditative quality. Holding marbling workshops at the Nell Gwynne Ward and Jupiter Ward, Eda gave the brush to children and stroke patients and asked them "What is your favourite colour ?". The resulting piece is a composition of all the patients playing with their favourite colours and creating ever-changing patterns, to be displayed in the waiting lounges of the hospital.

Kit Mead (click for film)

Liquid Crystal explores how the digital screen is made up of pixels which morph and change continuously into new and different forms. Within the interface of the screen, hierarchy has been removed as the pixel sees no differentiation in where something has come from or what it portrays. Liquid Crystal uses the mutability of the digital screen to generate an animation of metamorphoses where objects and forms continually change with the intention of creating a situation where the viewer can be swept away in
the malleable sea of the pixel.