At A&K's Playground we have been bouncing lovely links between the two of us to find light relief during these strange times and we no longer wanna keep it to ourselves.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we send out a few things that aim to make you smile, chuckle or even lol.

TBH, there are more than enough emails in the world, so Dose of Delight comes straight to you via Whatsapp.

If you’d like to receive a punch of positivity just add +44 7517 522 881 to your address book and send us a WhatsApp message with the word PLAYGROUND.

After that, we’ll do some behind the scenes magic and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'll receive a Dose of Delight.

Oh and by the way, if you are on internet adventures and come across something that makes you smile and think of us, please send it our way. We just might be able to pass on more smiles with it

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