Move Dance Feel CIC is a community project for women affected by cancer. Whatever your walk of life, we offer a creative, supportive and restorative experience. We understand that when you have cancer, or you’re supporting somebody you love with cancer, it’s a challenging time. It’s the non-stop hospital visits, the impact on confidence and self-esteem, and perhaps the loneliness of knowing that others just can’t quite understand how you’re feeling. Move Dance Feel unites women affected by cancer through dance. Guided by professionals, the project aims to help you re-discover yourself, open up to new possibilities, and find a renewed sense of joy in the body.

The project is situated in cancer support organisations in order to help integrate dance into mainstream approaches to care - promoting a more holistic approach to health. Sessions take place at two Centres in London and one in Bristol, with plans to grow the programme over the coming years.

There is a great deal of evidence showing that our project works. And if you’d like to read more about that you can do so here. For us it’s the personal testimonies that are the most fulfilling, with almost all of our participants telling us of friendships gained and renewed body confidence – along with a true sense of belonging, and (of course!) improved physical and mental wellbeing.