Hello stranger,

What a topsy turvy world we're living in right now. Crazy hey? That said, we are all in this together, globally...

HODGEPODGE has one main focus - to connect people by sharing their quarantine experiences from all around the world.

We invite people to submit a letter, either handwritten or typed, along with six images documenting their experience. There is no expectation regarding quality, but participants are encouraged to get creative. Previous submissions have included recipes, film and television recommendations as well as advice on how each individual is making sense of the current situation.

Hodgepodge is not a reflection of productivity, it's a opportunity for you to engage and let out how you are coping. It's scary out there, so it's nice to know you are not alone. The entries are really beautiful and we look forward to sharing them.

Our dream is to one day compile all these letters, tips, recipes, activities and photographs together into a book, so that when you feel a little lost or you’re looking for something fun to do you have a handy source of knowledge. We hope to sell the book and use the profits towards other projects benefiting the community.

What to do:

  • Write a letter about your lockdown experience.
  • Attach 6 photos documenting what your lockdown locks like.
  • Send it to us! We will then exchange your letter with someone else in the world, and you may get to feature in our book.

What started as an idea for a fun activity to pass the time, has now developed into a way for people to process their feelings and exchange their experiences in these exceptional times. We hope that by combining the therapeutic process of letter writing with a sense of global connectivity, Hodpepodge can provide people with a meaningful experience, and also maybe help them learn something about themselves.


The project was established by London based Rebekah Henson and Bristol based Abi Ross, two friends with a background in arts and community projects.

‘At a time of isolation, it’s easy to feel alone, but I have always felt that the community around us is stronger than we may realise’, said Rebekah. ‘We want to show that even in a time of isolation, community can flourish’.



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About Project Hodgepodge

Project Hodgepodge is a sub-project of Parachute Productions. Parachute Productions works with socially excluded people such as vulnerable adults who are homeless, have refugee status, or are suffering from mental health issues.They also run creative workshops for guests of different ages, who have experienced trauma and difficulties in their lives. By encouraging participating artists to tell their stories, they strive to re-build their confidence in a safe and positive environment.

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