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Roundabout, the UK’s largest dramatherapy charity, has launched Roundabout-A-Story to create a bank of stories for children and their families to share at this difficult time. Roundabout has invited actors, storytellers and dramatherapists to donate a story.

Roundabout-A-Story was launched on 20th April 2020, by Roundabout’s patron Tanya Moodie, who told the story of  The Origin of the Gods

Tanya said   “When I accepted the role of patron I had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the incredible therapeutic results achieved by dramatherapy. Lives are joyfully transformed with stories. It’s an honour to support the Roundabout-A- Story campaign with such a fantastic organisation”

Since Tanya donated her story, 22 stories have been donated so far with stories ranging from Thumbelina, to Goldilocks and the Three Bears to Why the Sky is Far Away including some stories written especially for Roundabout.

These stories are available to enjoy on Roundabout’s social media accounts Facebook and Twitter @roundaboutdrama and also on their website here: https://www.roundaboutdramatherapy.org.uk/story/


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