We hope that many come into contact with the transformative powers of creativity and culture during the week. Our new website should make it really easy for you to see what is going on and to find events which interest you. We are also going to be inviting a number of guest curators who will be highlighting their own festival guides.

Many events are aimed at people who have no current interest in arts and health, although you may be surprised to find that actually you are already involved… If you like listening to music, dancing or visiting exhibitions then you may have already experienced an uplift in mood or wellbeing without knowing you are participating in arts and health.

All the online events will be listed on the website but we are also including news of what people are doing away from the screen. Keep an eye out and also make sure you follow the conversation on social media. 

If you are interested in the festival then please tell everyone you know! We rely on word of mouth as much as anything to spread the word.

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