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We’re pleased to announce that the Arts & Health Hub will be hosting its first online conference in partnership with London Arts and Health on May 22nd.

Our conference is one of Creativity & Wellbeing Week’s key events focusing on the theme of care. This one-day online conference brings together an exciting mixture of interdisciplinary speakers, from artists, medics and researchers, discussing and sharing works on themes of care. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and reflections on how we care for ourselves, care for others and care for the world that we live in.

The Arts & Health Hub is a supportive, non-competitive network for artists and cultural producers (curators etc) interested or working in the field of arts and health. Our 3 principles are to connect with one another, learn from one another and share with one another. The Hub is open to artists from all backgrounds, communities, experiences and qualifications.

This event is curated by artists Daniel Regan & Paloma Tendero.

Speaker Programme

Throughout the day we have six speakers. Pairs of speakers will explore each of our topics on care, followed by a Q&A, and a subsequent open discussion in three different breakout rooms. There are breakout rooms after each session.

Full programme TBC.

Care for Ourselves

Bakita Kasadha is a UK-based award-winning poet, health writer and researcher living with HIV. She is a qualitative researcher at the University of Oxford. She uses her creativity as a tool for advocacy and data representation/dissemination. Her creative focus is on social justice, HIV and mental health. Through her poetry, Bakita explores the tensions between stereotypes and identities, as well as self-empowerment and structural oppression. She has shared her poetry internationally.

Professor Steve Macleod is the Director at Metro Imaging, Visiting Professor at UoS, an award winning Art Director and a practicing artist represented by Black Box Projects. Steve is also a commissioned artist with the arts mental health charity Hospital Rooms. Steve has a high functioning Bipolar condition and is open about his own experiences and advocates positive discussion on mental health and the positive impact that the arts can have on one’s well-being.

Care for Others

Michaela Ross is an artist and researcher who lives and works in London. She was awarded her PhD by the University of the Arts London, in 2012 and is an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

In her role as Research Lead at the Bethlem Gallery, she explores what it means to work ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ accepted forms of learning, arts production and exhibition. Recent curated projects and exhibitions include: Welcome to the New Fragile, 2020, Open School Remote, 2020 and Art & Value, 2019.

Dr Ahmed Hankir is Academic Clinical Fellow in General Adult Psychiatry at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Research in association with Cambridge University. Dr Hankir is passionate about harnessing the power of the performing arts and storytelling to reduce mental health stigma and dignify people with mental health conditions.

Care for the World

Melanie King is an artist and curator with a specific focus on astronomy. Melanie King's studio is based in Ramsgate, Kent. She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and founder of the London Alternative Photography Collective. Within her work, she is interested in the relationship between starlight, photography and materiality. Her PhD practice-based research "Ancient Light" considers how light travels thousands, if not millions of years, before reaching photosensitive film or a digital sensor. The purpose of her research is to demonstrate the intimate connection between celestial objects (sun, moon, stars), photographic material and the natural world. Melanie is currently researching sustainable photographic processes, to minimise the environmental impact of her artistic practice.

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