An amalgamation of invited  local articts artisan sculptures ceramimisists, weavers crative textiles and our own crative groups. The Festival was scheduked to take place at Queens Mill with lots of hands on sample days and workshops with the public.

The Virtual online festival took place between 11th May and 24th on Queen s Mill Castleford facebook page. We devised a new programme but tried to work it as close to the original as possible . A different person or group was featured each day. Their profiles and stories were fascinating , often giving an insight into what led them to become involved in creativity and how it has benefited their mental wellbeing

We presented slides and photographs of work and links to individuals web page and personal fb pages . The event was well publicised despite the shorter time span and new media platform. Up to 700 viewings were recorded each day. Many messages left were from friends or family  artists or group leaders  and offered praise. The trust was also well supported with comments encouraging us to carry on as an organisation and thanks. The majority of our participants in normal times are over retirement age. They used the Creative festival pages to reach out and support each other as we were all isolating