Curious Monkey is an award-winning theatre company based in northeast England. Our work shares stories of marginalised and underrepresented communities, raising awareness of the issues they face. Working with outstanding creative teams, we shape these stories into fresh, direct theatre that is rooted in the experiences of the people we work with. People engaged in our projects face social deprivation brought about by economic disadvantage, discrimination, or social / family circumstances beyond their control.

Our current programme engages young people in care and care leavers and refugees and asylum seekers in the North East. While diverse in age, nationality and life experience, all of the people we work with live within a system that makes decisions for them, over which they have little or no power. Curious Monkey seeks to give our participants a voice in that system and wider society.

Our long-term goals are to improve the life chances and wellbeing of underrepresented communities and; influence societal change by sharing stories of marginalised people with decision makers and audiences across the UK. In support of these goals we run long term participatory projects alongside the development of professional touring theatre productions. All of our productions are inspired by and developed with the people we work with.

Visit our website to find out more about our ongoing projects with Arriving and Troupe and our upcoming events and productions. You can also sign up to our newsletter to hear more about the work we do.