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With Artsflow

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Join us during Creativity and Wellbeing Week for a Digital Sandpit, Live! session with James Cropper from Artsflow and Sarah Fenner from Creative Minds.

This session will explore how to market yourself to prospective clients as a creative arts in health practitioner.

The session will cover:

  • Marketing - where to start?
  • Making contact & best approach
  • Marketing tools
  • Price point, offering, testimonials

James is the CEO of Artsflow and also the Founder & Director of Creative Minds, an organisation that has been working in the care sector for over 8 years, delivering art sessions to older people.

Sarah Fenner is the Head of Community Development for Creatives Minds and has helped to train and support Creative Minds Artists working in the care sector for nearly 6 years.

About Artsflow

Artsflow is a mobile & web app platform that empowers creative practitioners and organisations (Creatives) helping them to share their passion for the arts, receive bookings and deliver arts activities locally. For people interested in the arts (Users) Artsflow provides them with easy access to the arts, enabling them to discover wonderful arts activities locally and connect with Creatives.

Join us for this FREE session, where you can work with likeminded peers to find out more about marketing, Artsflow and ask questions about your own marketing needs.

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