The Earth Protector Healthy Being Group have been working with health groups within our local area for many months, recognising the need to change practices so that they offer support to those who need it, in ways that are both manageable and ecologically considerate. The current health crisis has encouraged local community action and we are in process of working with our local Church and inter-faith minister, Simon Howell, alongside Compassionate Stroud, bringing together health professionals across the district, and other local groups, to manage and provide a physical space for health care workers, nurses and any who are effected by the pandemic - to come, have some nourishing food and within social distance parameters connect with others and receive support through that means. There is a garden space which will be cultivated; a large office space and meeting room which will provide space for local like-minded groups to conduct their business. We also hope it will provide a space for members of our community who tend to be most isolated, and vulnerable, living on the edges of society. This space will be opening to provide limited wellbeing care through providing a socially responsible, caring and health-focused meeting space opposite or local hospital, where this old hall is.