Help children explore and express their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic with our free resources. Fading Rainbows films, activity worksheets and lesson plans are free for all to use.

Fading Rainbows was a partnership with Frith Manor Primary School in Barnet and artist Becci Kenning to develop teaching resources for Year 5 children. The aim was to help the children understand the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage them to express their feelings about the impact it has had on their lives.

Using a scrapbook from the First World War to introduce a past pandemic, we encouraged the children to create scrapbooks of their own to record the experiences and feelings they had in response to COVID-19.

Activity worksheets can be downloaded, which can be used together or each works as a stand-alone art activity.

1. Mapping Activity [PDF]

2. Information Poster [PDF]

3. New Skill Hobby [PDF]

4. Making a Memorial [PDF]

5. Looking Forward [PDF]

Three videos also illustrate different craft ideas to use in creating the scrapbooks.

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