HUM at HOME is an ongoing 10-day free online course of communal Humming Mindfulness and creative sound meditations to learn the art of POLYHUM or Polyphonic Humming, a practice of creative and social mindfulness created and developed over the last six years by award-winning composer and social entrepreneur, Sergio Lopez Figueroa, also known as The Humming Man on Youtube.


Currently in its fourth round, Sergio has been delivering HUM at HOME online since March 2020 in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian to support everyone struggling during the lockdown and beyond.

Breathe, Listen, Connect, and Meditate: What next?

To register simply fill a form first as an expression of interest available at or go directly to this page and follow the simple instructions to speed up the process, so you will be added to the relevant WhatsApp group.

The second round of  HUM at HOME 4 and Polyhum meditations starts on the 19th of May with daily sessions until Saturday. On Sunday 24th the three groups meet together and to connect as one to show the power of humming to overcome any barriers.  A new 10-day challenge and course will start on Thursday the 28th of May!

Nominated changemaker by the Southbank Centre at the Festival of Love in 2016 for his work in innovation for mental health in the community, Sergio is a pianist, composer, public speaker and advocate for empathy in education, healthcare, and the workplace. Trained by MIND in Harrow, he used humming during his own recovery from cancer which he used in combination with his expressive and surreal colorful artwork and other holistic methods. 

Wherever there are lights, our shadows become mirrors. Whenever there is silence, solace is found within, and whoever faces a wall alone, a new dream will embrace us all as wings of pure desire, buzzing above it all things and humans alike, to let the inner child to become free again humming and flowing to discover a new beginning of love and peace. 

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