Puppetry is an ancient art form that requires the puppeteer to have a great sense of focus on an object outside of themselves, which in turn frees the puppeteer from their own mind.

During the course of Creativity and Wellbeing Week, Nosey Hedgehog Puppetry will be sharing three short mindful exercises using a type of puppetry known as object manipulation. Anybody can do these exercises in their own home. No previous puppetry experience is required – this is not about the quality of your puppetry, but the quality of the experience for you.

Each exercise will feature a different type of object, and will guide you through a creative exploration with this object.

The exercises will be shared as audio files, available to listen to on Nosey Hedgehog Puppetry’s website at

There will be three exercises shared online during the course of the week, one on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The audio files will then remain online until the end of the following week, so you can do the exercises in your own time and revisit them as many times as you wish.

Please note: these exercises are created by a professional puppeteer and not a qualified dramatherapist.

Nosey Hedgehog Puppetry Ltd is a puppetry company based in Penryn, Cornwall, with a focus on bringing communities together and fostering an interest in the natural environment.