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Paint ‘Path to the Beach’ in Watercolour – Online Art Workshop
Monday 24th May 2021
Online workshops will be held on Zoom.

Paint ‘Path to the Beach’ in Watercolour with guidance from Tutor Bethany Y Milam. Follow the demonstration step by step, using washes, layering and texture techniques.

The session will last approximately two hours. Draw/paint along or just watch, it is up to you. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and I will make some time for individual feedback on your artwork at the end of each session (allow another 15 mins on class time if you would like feedback).

Please note - the link, meeting ID and passcode to the session and reference photo link will be in the 'additional details' section of your Eticket from Ticketsource.


Reference photo (Printed out). The reference I will be using is available to download from a link on your ticket.
Watercolour Paint (Tubes or Pans are both fine.)
Watercolour Paper (Cold Pressed)
Paintbrushes (A Range Of Different Brushes, including an old toothbrush.)
Water Pots
H or HB pencil
Paper Towels/Kitchen Paper
Spray/Misting Bottle (Optional)
Masking Fluid (Removable) and Soap/Washing up Liquid (Optional)
Waterproof drawing pen (Optional)
An Apron and something to cover your table with.
Hairdryer - I recommend having a hairdryer with you to speed up the drying times between layers but please put yourself on mute before using it

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