Roundabout is dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable people, using the creative power of dramatherapy to enhance mental health and support people to make positive changes in their lives. We run dramatherapy sessions across London and neighbouring boroughs in schools, nurseries, care homes and day centres.

We run weekly sessions with groups and individuals, helping those who are feeling anxious, struggling with communication, feeling isolated, having problems with peers
experiencing family difficulties, living with depression, trying to overcome trauma,
facing a bereavement or loss, enduring low self-esteem, engaging in self-destructive behaviour and many other issues.

If you would like find out more about how dramatherapy could help you or those you care for please get in touch.

As well as working directly with our clients we have lots of free resources made by our team on our website:

In addition we have stories donated by actors, storytellers and dramatherapists for all to enjoy:

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