Working our way from blank canvas/blank page/empty stage....through to completed creation is a journey, the way along which there are many road blocks and emotional perils. As an artist and writer, this is a journey that I have taken many times. Experience, and the wisdom of the Tarot, have given me some powerful tools for moving through the dangerous passages and for overcoming my fears.

Now I have brought it all together as a series of practical activities and exercises in a book, which brings together insights from the Tarot with the creative process. Regardless of what form your creative endeavour takes, there is something here for you.

Anyone embarking on any creative journey, whether you are taking your first tentative steps into exploring your creativity, or a seasoned creative, these insights and suggested tasks can help through the obstacles that you are likely to meet along the way.

At this stage I can offer free worksheets in the form of a PDF document, and I am in the process of creating an online course based on the material that I have. The book is in its final stages now, and in the future I plan to host workshops for people to attend at my studio.

If you are interested in learning more,  and would like to be kept updated, please email me at and I will add your email address to my growing list. Also, you can please follow progress on any of my social media links.

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