My Picks – Anna, Digital Lead

My name is Anna. I am a PhD at RCSSD, and the digital lead at LAAH. I have been helping the charity to streamline and get to grips with some new digital activities over the last few months, including launching the Digital Sandpit, our new member area on Facebook. I am helping to produce C&WW this year, including co-hosting the keynote event which asks what’s next for arts and health practice in the context of digital, hybrid and face to face delivery?

As I am organising, it our keynote event on the Monday, we have some fantastic speakers and content to share with our audience. I am also really excited about the digital sandpit sessions and the launch of the Social Prescribing myth buster which I got to produce earlier this year. We also have some fantastic events shared by members from all around the world!

I love to craft with my children (we draw, paint and collage a lot!), cook and read. As a theatre practitioner anything involving people makes me feel well, I cannot wait to get back to watching live theatre soon.

Despite how hard it has been I have been amazed at the level of connection and participation I have still been able to engage with. Digital delivery can be a leveller – as a working mum I find myself often excluded from real world events as school pick up clashes. Things being online have made me feel included and creative despite the pandemic.

The picture shows my daughter crafting.


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