My Picks – Charlotte, Digital Volunteer

I’m Charlotte and I produce and facilitate arts programmes for children and young people in Croydon, specialising in photography and visual arts. I’m currently volunteering with London Arts & Health and for C&WW I will be facilitating a Digital Sandpit Live event on young people, creativity and mental health. I’ve also been busy writing blog posts about all the brilliant events happening during the week.

My top three picks for the week are:
Lunch and Learn: Spotlight on Create
Yarmouth Springs Eternal
Sing and Spring Forth!
I absolutely love spending a few hours wandering in woodland and taking pictures. I find the experience completely calming and meditative. Whilst I’ve been stuck at home I’ve also been knitting lots. There’s something about keeping my hands busy that really helps reduce any anxiety I’m feeling.
Lockdown for me has meant reconnecting with family and friends, sampling all the local takeaways, spending lots of time in my local parks and enjoying being creative without thinking too deeply about the result.





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