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We are a small festival team with a huge reach. We are currently able to offer many free events and support for those hosting. We would love to improve what we can offer and will be seeking both brand sponsors and cultural partners this year.

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Corporate social responsibility

Creativity and Wellbeing Week exists to create opportunities for everyone, regardless of their age and background, to access the enormous health benefits of arts and cultural activities.

GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals now regularly refer patients to organisations which provide arts and cultural opportunities because they recognise the vital and proven difference these activities make to people’s health and wellbeing. The Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock further endorsed the importance of arts and culture during his 2018 speech on social prescribing.

‘‘We know what the NHS does is life-saving. But what the arts and social activities do is life-enhancing.’’

(Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock)

By choosing to sponsor Creativity and Wellbeing Week, your organisation will ensure that people across the UK can access those life-enhancing arts and cultural activities, while your brand will be positively identified with a pressing social issue and viewed as a champion of health and wellbeing for all.

We can also offer you opportunities to create sponsored content in partnership with us, including blogs, press releases, social media posts, marketing and event materials, to give you more credibility in the arts and health space and increase the general public’s positive perception of your brand.

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Partnering with Creativity and Wellbeing Week can also bring internal benefits to your organisation. If you give your employees the opportunity to volunteer their time to organise an event for the festival, they could access – and gain a greater understanding of – the benefits of arts and cultural on health and wellbeing. It could be a very rewarding experience for your team, especially as today’s workforce places great value on opportunities to give their time and skills to charity.

In fact, a recent report by City Philanthropy discovered that 53% of under-35s want to volunteer more regularly, with this figure increasing to 60% amongst people aged 18 to 24. By offering staff volunteering opportunities to address this need, you will retain staff and attract new talent.

Furthermore, employees who are given opportunities to volunteer are more likely to have greater pride in their work, feel empowered in their roles and enjoy stronger working relationships with their colleagues.

Reach new audiences

Creativity and Wellbeing Week is growing at an exponential rate – with audiences and event numbers increasing rapidly year on year. In 2019, we had a record-breaking 50,880 attendees at 636 events which stretched all the way from Cornwall to the Shetland Islands.

Our digital footprint was immense – conversations on Twitter around Creativity and Wellbeing Week reached close to seven million people, around 1,500 people spoke about the event on social media, and the festival website had 25,000 page views. In 2020, we will continue to grow the festival with more attendees and events in new locations across the UK.

If you choose to sponsor our festival, you will have access to our entire UK-wide audience. We will ensure your brand is front and centre throughout our festival materials, online presence and at events – guaranteeing your organisation maximum exposure.

As well as reaching the general public, your brand will connect with an active community of artists, clinical commissioners, arts managers, therapists, healthcare staff and people who believe passionately about the health benefits of accessing the arts.

One of the most helpful things about the Week is having the listings as, effectively, a directory of related organisations that ‘get it’, made up of people who recognise and understand the benefits of the arts to health and wellbeing. When looking for potential partner organisations to reach out to in future, this is the ultimate targeted network, all in one place!

Richard Frost Community Arts Programme Manager
The Old Church Community Arts Centre, Stoke Newington


As a brand sponsor, we can put your message in front of hundreds of thousands of people – ensuring your business is positively associated with a festival that promotes people’s health and wellbeing.

As an event sponsor, we can put you in contact with a select audience.


If you are a cultural organisation keen to bring arts and health activities into what you offer, we are actively seeking partnerships where we can share our expertise in exchange for space or logistical support.

For example, we partnered with the Southbank Centre  for our launch event last year, which saw an audience of key figures from the arts and health world gather together for an inaugural creative health conference.

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