Creative Festival Partnership

We want as many people as possible to experience creativity and culture and we are very lucky to have found others that share our values. For the first time we are working with the Age of Creativity and Get Creative to turn May into a whole month of creative festivals/

Working together makes us stronger… that’s the conclusion we came to last year as we met as a festival collective for the first time. We are working as a festival collective but we have very different aims and audiences, apart from the fact that everybody can benefit from creative activity.

As a collective we are sharing resources. We have held a number of events across the UK in January to inform and encourage events for all three festivals.

Across the three festivals, we will be focused on reaching out to more people, working towards positive futures and looking at mental health in young people, climate change, ageing through the life course, and public health and everyday creativity; but we welcome events and activities that relate to any health, wellbeing or wellness issue or creativity more broadly – these are open and inclusive festivals and we want to showcase whatever you are doing!

Find out more about the three festivals and how we are working together in this document.