Intergenerational Music Making is one of the UK’s pioneer of intergenerational music projects with over thirty years’ experience of bringing local schools, colleges & universities together with their local care homes, community centres & geriatric wards. IMM use music and art as the catalyst to bridge social divides, build community, expand horizons and open up new perspectives and relationships.


We have launched our campaign, Care to Create which aims to put social connection at the heart of our Covid-19 response. We aim to improve the lives for those who are isolated and facing mental health struggles  but also harness the power of strong creative connections for the future. We have created a CARE TO CREATE TOOLKIT full of exciting, creative ideas to stay connected to those around us! Children from across the UK have been creating art work, games, writing stories and poetry and singing songs to send to their friends in local care homes! The wonderful residents have also been creating beautiful art work to show their gratitude and it has been a beautiful and much needed form of connection and communication for both generations.

As I am sure you are aware that with isolation comes loneliness along with other mental health issues such as PTSD. We are determined to continue to offer the lifeline of support to our clients through online therapy and easy access to music and their vital intergenerational connections, all to help tackle loneliness and the inevitable influx in mental health issues and PTSD.


Our Care to Create online hub offers the following:

- Music Therapy sessions for those in need/suffering with isolation
- 1:1 therapy sessions for all ages and those in need, offering personal support and resources
- Early years music making sessions for early years and families
- Fun and engaging vocal workshops for all ages
- Educational and musically stimulating sessions for all ages
- Classic piano and flute concerts
- Bedtime stories
- Yoga and music for tots and armchair yoga elders especially aimed at those in the care homes or at home isolated.
- Art making activities (creating guitars and shakers out of household items)
- Old Classics sing-a-longs for care home residents and those in the community in isolation and those on the wards
- Music Therapy sessions/ 1:1 support for those living with Dementia
- Resource packs for carers and care staff

We also staying fully connected with our wonderful care homes, schools, hospitals and incredible members of our IMM HUB by running online sessions, sing-a-longs and over the phone support! We have linked in with local university students and organisations working with young people suffering from mental health issues and are offering musical phone calls for those in our communities and care homes who are isolated.

We have a playlist and folders full of songs and videos for the young and the old to enjoy - the staff are playing the music in the corridors and hallways of care homes and hospitals as many of the residents are isolated in their rooms!




We believe that our work is vital. Now more than ever we need to be there for those in need at this time and we can use the power of music, art and creativity as the catalyst to promote wellbeing and connections.

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