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May 17
My Picks – Anna, Digital Lead

My name is Anna. I am a PhD at RCSSD, and the digital lead at LAAH. I have been…

May 17
My Picks – Julia, CSSD Placement

Hiya! My name is Julia Herritty, and I am an MA Applied Theatre student at the Royal…

May 17
My Picks – Lucy, Social Media Volunteer

I’ve been running the Instagram page @londonartsandhealth for three years now. This is…

May 17
My Picks – Charlotte, Digital Volunteer

I’m Charlotte and I produce and facilitate arts programmes for children and young…

May 12
Connecting with nature for Creativity and Wellbeing Week

With the very welcome arrival of longer days and (slightly) warmer weather, lots of us…

May 10
Singing our way through lockdown: Events coming up in Creativity and Wellbeing Week

The sight of singers inside their own little box on a screen has become a familiar one…