Share your stories!

We’re looking for organisations and practitioners to contribute to our blog in the run up to Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2022! With so much incredible work taking place and lots of exciting plans for the festival, we’d love to use this space to showcase it.

We’re looking for 500 – 800 word pieces that are accessible to read and informal in tone. You could include case studies or quotes from participants and/or facilitators where possible

Here’s some ideas for a structure:

  • Introduce who you are and what you do
  • Tell us about what you’ve been up to this year – how have you adapted your work due to the pandemic? What’s been your highlight?
  • Valuable lessons you’ve learnt this year – what will you keep and what can’t you wait to get rid of?
  • What are you planning for Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2022? How can people get involved?
  • Our festival theme this year is Get Creative, Get Outdoors. What does this mean to you and your organisation/practice?
  • Spotlight – tell us about another organisation or practitioner who’s been doing some great work this year that we should know about.

Please used the form below to submit your post. If you want to add an image please email this to us