AWWAS (A Woman With A Story) is an initiative focused on providing women who have been victims of abuse a platform too express themselves creatively as a means of therapy and in the long run, make them agents of change through the stories they tell.

At AWWAS, creative expression is at the core of our mission to help victimized women through their healing process.

To drive this cause, our activities revolve majorly around 4 creative expressions -

  1. Documentary Photography
  2. Illustrative Dance
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Creative Art

Established in 2013, AWWAS has organized and facilitated events and workshops over the years, to help women find healing from emotional trauma through these forms of creative expression, and also, teach them to defend themselves. Please click on the link to see full details on events organized by AWWAS,

In this story, we document Fantasy Writer, ChioZoe as she walks us through her creative journey and process and how it helped her heal from emotional trauma. Click on the link to watch it.

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